Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Geometric Prints & Leather

Although i have only been blogging for about 3 weeks, I am thoroughly enjoying it. Its really hard work, even harder when you are such a perfectionist and take what you are doing extremely serious, I am actually loving every minute of it. I was very hesitant because of the commitment that you need to make along with your time and labour that goes into not just blogging, but producing excellent content and being damn good at it. I am extremely happy that I decided to start blogging, it has revealed to me my love for writing.

I am so crazy about this pant. It is an infusion of geometric shapes with touches of floral. It is so unique and I absolutely adore weird (in a good way) mismatch looking clothing because let's face it, they are way more interesting and they add character. This sleeveless faux leather jacket is amongst my favourites because its a great alternative to the classic leather biker jacket for those humid sunny days. I decided to pair the look with a neutral toned cute wedge, just to tone the look down and allow the pant to stand out. This look is great for a chill session with friends, running errands or a day of shopping.

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                                                                            Pants- Cotton On

                                                                           Faux leather jacket- Cotton On

                                                                          Wedge- Cotton on

                                                                         White T- Jet

                                                                         Clutch- Cotton On

                                                                         Wrist Bands- Cotton On

                                                                         Earrings- Mr Price

                                                                        Red Lipstick- MAC


Sunday, 13 April 2014

Bringing Back The '90s

There is nothing that excites me more than heading out to the flea market and being overwhelmed by all the amazing items that are so cheap. Even though I love clothing, shopping for myself at retail stores is not that exciting for me. I can shop for other people, but not for myself. I am more of a flea market, second hand store, car boot sale kind of girl. The idea of digging through heaps of clothing as if I am looking for hidden treasures brings me such joy. Weirdly enough, the fact that those clothing items were most likely worn by individuals (or multiple people for that matter) does not gross me out, in fact, it actually makes It that much more special *inserts giggle*. I bought this oversized denim jacket at a flea market and felt like I had hit the jackpot. You just do not find denim jackets like these in retail stores anymore and the good thing is, it will last me forever.

My vision for this OOTD post was "Bad Ass Chick", hence my overly forced attempt at mean mugging. I just wanted to portray a bad ass girl, that knows she's fly and is so cocky about it LOL. After going through my pictures, I realised that I was subconsciously channeling 90s fashion (90s baby over here!). Oversized denim jacket, shoes with socks, and dark lipstick are all part of the phenomenon that was the 90s Fashion trend. I really dislike continuously going for the obvious look when it comes to specific clothing items, which is why I decided to go for a more casual approach with this Oh So Sexy dark olive green striped dress. You could also pair it with black stockings or thigh high socks, as Winter is on our doorstep. I am totally loving the shoes with socks trend, it is perfect for the Winter months.

                                                                        Dress- Edgars

                                                                        Denim Jacket- (Flea market buy)

                                                                        Boots- Cotton On

                                                                        Bracelets- Cotton On


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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Rubybox: Beauty Night Out Event

Rubybox chose a bunch of females who entered a competition that they were running on twitter. The awesome prizes were a spa day at the Suncoast Casino Hotel. The spa package included a full body massage, facials as well as hair and makeup makeovers. VIP tickets to the Rubybox extravaganza were also included.
The wonderful day started out with the Rubybox winners and I in a limo on our way to the Suncoast Casino Hotel Spa. The limo ride was extremely fun as we all got to know eachother and were inticipating what our day and evening would be like. We spent a good couple of hours being pampered and spoilt at the spa,we all literally felt renewed. After the pampering and makeovers, it was time for us to get dressed and head to the event in our super cool limo that now had LED lights "Party Time!". All the ladies looked absolutely stunning, for a second we all felt like we were off to the Oscars lol.
We finally got to the Rubybox: Beauty Night out event and it was everything a girl could dream about. There were popup stalls with many fun and girly activities to engage in like creating our own goodie bag at the Rubybox Build-A-Box station, beauty hampers up for grabs, manicures courtesy of Morgan Taylor, skin analysis and beauty products from Dermalogica, on trend makeup touch ups as well as refreshments and canapes. What more could a girl ask for?
Taking pictures at the Nokia booth with fun props added a fun and humorous element to the evening, we all enjoyed looking silly and laughing at ourselves when we all got to see our pictures. The event was without a doubt,a great success. I left the event feeling so beautiful and good about myself.
Rubybox: Beauty Night Out was more than just a beauty event, it was an event that empowered women, made us feel beautiful and special and it was a platform to engage with other fellow women that we share a common interest with. Nokia and Rubybox did an amazing job

Street Style Look

Anyone that knows me, knows how much I LOVE high waist bottoms. High waist jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, I LOVE THEM ALL. What I love about this high waist pencil skirt is that it hugs me in all the right places and accentuates my assets, every girl wants that *wink*. The only downside to a pencil skirt is that it can be extremely uncomfortable to sit or walk in, but who cares, if it looks good on you right?

I opted for a striped crop top that has a bit of shoulder padding, I love pairing a crop top with any high waist pants or skirt, it goes so perfectly together. I decided to play the girly look down by adding a pair of ankle brogues and a cool bag that can be worn as a backpack. I really feel comfortable in this look, simply because I am wearing flats. I have a confession to make.... I cannot walk in heels *hangs head in shame*. Don't get me wrong, I love heels, they literally transform an outfit. The problem is wearing them, I just haven't gotten used to them yet. I am forever a setting myself up for disaster, 15minutes  into the night my toes are numb and I slowly start walking as if I'm on stilts. Whether they are 6inch heels or cute wedges, it makes no difference, my feet cannot handle it. Most of the time I find myself suffering through the night, then there are those times where I throw in the towel and put on my flats (I always have them handy). The truth of the matter is, the only way I will ever get used to heels is if I wear them often, and I am up for the challenge....... I think.

                                                                  Bag- (It was a gift from the UK)

                                                                  Faux leather skirt- Mr Price (Anisa Mpungwe Collection)

                                                                  Striped crop top- (Flea market buy)

                                                                  Glasses- Spitfire

                                                                  Black and brown studded bracelets- Cotton On

                                                                  Gold link bracelet- Lovisa

                                                                  Shoes- Cotton On