Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Dress-Mr Price/Shoes and Socks- Topshop

Walt Disney said “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing”. This quote resonates with me because I have fallen victim to the “more talk, less action” syndrome. It is so easy to speak on things that we want to do and plan on doing, but actually getting down to doing them is a whole other ball game. We waste so much time on unnecessary things like social media and TV, when we could be using that time to get tasks done. We purposely find everything else under the sun to do except what we actually need to do. You know, looking at that white wall that looks so interesting when you have to study? Procrastination has taken over our lives and it is time to set ourselves free from the chains that we find ourselves bound by.

I remember many times in University where I left my tasks for the last minute, which in term resulted in me feeling so overwhelmed and stressed because they all caught up with me and other tasks that arose were added. This resulted in me not producing my best work and doing something just to get it done and not to get that high mark. How many of you’ll have experienced that? As of late, I have been practising productivity in my daily life and really keeping track of my time. I work a 9hour shift every day and that has become a challenge for me as I have to schedule personal daily achievements before and after work. I have been using it as an excuse to not get things done but have soon realized that I cannot keep complaining about it, instead look for solutions and find ways to adapt to the situation. I have not gotten this right 100% but I make sure every day to try and improve on it.

Tips To Maintaining Productivity

1- Wake Up Earlier Than Usual

Your morning really has a significant impact on the rest of your day. If you continuously pressing that snooze button, finally waking up and rushing through getting ready for the day, your mornings will not be productive. I really hate rushing and being late because it puts me in a disoriented state and I cannot function properly that way, it also throws me off course therefore I don’t get a positive start to my day. If you find waking up early difficult, try 15minutes earlier than the time you usually wake up. This way you are not drastically changing the time you have been accustomed to waking up, but that small change can have a positive impact and once you okay with that 15minutes earlier time, add another 15minutes. I am naturally an early riser but I still try to wake up earlier than usual (5am, 5:30am) this way I have ample time to get ready and to plan my day ahead while still having time to reflect.

Because I usually always have tasks and deadlines I need to meet for my freelance work, I like to get to my workplace at least an hour earlier to give me time to complete my personal tasks. I am normally too tired to do an excessive amount of tasks after a long day at work, so I leave the harder tasks for the morning when I feel most productive. I also utilize my lunch breaks and get some work done.

2- No Such Thing As The “Perfect Time”

It is as if we are waiting for a big sign in the sky to reveal to us “Its Time”. Life doesn’t work that way. We need to stop waiting for the perfect time to do things because that time will probably never come. Waiting for the perfect time to do certain things is also another form of procrastination and can really cripple your productivity levels. I remember when I kept waiting for the perfect time to launch my blog, I had all the excuses in the world and one day a friend said to me “Just launch it; it will never be perfect the first time round. Just get it out there”. Get used to jumping head first into tasks and not harbouring on the right time to start.

3- Say NO to Distraction

I am so easily distracted and I am sure a lot of you reading this are too. With social media and all those cool series to watch, how can we not be? I must admit, I have not quite mastered the art of blocking out distractions. As I sit in bed typing this post, I have been picking up my phone every 10minutes to check social media. I keep telling myself that it is just to take a small breather from typing, but we all know that’s a lie. Turning off wifi/cellular data is a good way to forget about your phone and stay productive. Also placing your phone far from you helps as well. That way your phone isn’t reachable and you’re more likely to forget about it… at least for a good 30minutes. (*As I go leave my phone in the next room*)

There is a huge difference between being busy and being productive; you can be busy doing nothing. Value your time and the things you spend it on. Stay focused and in tune with your goals in life, both short term and long term, and do something every day that gets you closer and closer to those goals. Your potential to become the best that you can be can be measured by your daily routine, so spend your time wisely.

About This Look

I am not a fan of dresses but I am particularly in love with this one because it’s a boxy fit. It is comfy, loose but still chic (just the way I love my clothing). I finished this look with these adorable frilly socks as I felt they added a pretty element to the overall look. This dress is perfect for winter and it will definitely be in the forefront of my wardrobe. You could also change up the look by adding knee high socks or chic black stockings and a pair of boots. The dress is a statement piece on its own so I love the fact that I can play it down with my accessories and not have to try too hard to elevate the look.

What are some of the ‘time leeches’ in your life? And what helps you stay productive? I would love to hear from you guys.



Thursday, 7 May 2015

Back To Black

Shirt- Cotton On/Pants- Woolworths/Shoes-Topshop/Fringe Bag- Cotton On
Okay guys, I tried to steer away from all black as I possibly could, but I failed. DISMIALLY! What can I say? I have gone back to my roots and just could not fight it anymore. You are looking at an ensemble that I feel most comfortable in, where I feel most myself. Black, Loose fit and Simple Silhouettes is all I am about. I am usually drawn to the 'effortlessly done look', you know, those looks that don't seem too overdone? Its as if you just threw together an ensemble without batting an eyelid and it turns out to be one of the greatest pairings... I love those looks, and I always try to create them. Even though sometimes putting those kind of looks together isn't so "effortless"
I purchased these chunky slippers at a sale at Topshop (For only R250) they have a Birkenstock vibe but I love the simplicity of the front and the chunkiness, Its not a shoe I would have normally opted for but I wanted to try something new. I don't wear open shoes much (Boots and sneakers is all you would see me wearing)so getting these was a big deal and I am glad I did.
I hope you all enjoyed this post and I would love to hear your thoughts :)