Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Geometric Prints & Leather

Although i have only been blogging for about 3 weeks, I am thoroughly enjoying it. Its really hard work, even harder when you are such a perfectionist and take what you are doing extremely serious, I am actually loving every minute of it. I was very hesitant because of the commitment that you need to make along with your time and labour that goes into not just blogging, but producing excellent content and being damn good at it. I am extremely happy that I decided to start blogging, it has revealed to me my love for writing.

I am so crazy about this pant. It is an infusion of geometric shapes with touches of floral. It is so unique and I absolutely adore weird (in a good way) mismatch looking clothing because let's face it, they are way more interesting and they add character. This sleeveless faux leather jacket is amongst my favourites because its a great alternative to the classic leather biker jacket for those humid sunny days. I decided to pair the look with a neutral toned cute wedge, just to tone the look down and allow the pant to stand out. This look is great for a chill session with friends, running errands or a day of shopping.

Let me know what you think of this look by dropping a comment below.


                                                                            Pants- Cotton On

                                                                           Faux leather jacket- Cotton On

                                                                          Wedge- Cotton on

                                                                         White T- Jet

                                                                         Clutch- Cotton On

                                                                         Wrist Bands- Cotton On

                                                                         Earrings- Mr Price

                                                                        Red Lipstick- MAC


1 comment:

  1. I absolutely love your look. Stunning! Your pants stand out for me.


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