Monday, 20 July 2015

Greyscale Ensemble

Blazer- Thrift Buy/Pants- Woolworths/Heels- Footwork

So, I must admit- its been a minute since I have posted on my blog. I know, I know. There have been a few things I have been focused on in my personal life and I am also busy with plans and content I have for blog. so don't fret-I have not forgotten about you.

I am all kinds of obsessed with this grey blazer, it is definitely my favourite item at the moment as well as one of my best buys this year. I picked it up while out thrifting (Which was a very successful thrift day might I add) for under 50bucks- Imagine?! It is fitted, longer length and pairs well with almost everything in my wardrobe. I have been loving grey hues as of late so I was quite delighted when I found this amazing blazer, I am super excited to play around with it.

I am so envious over my friends in Cape Town and JHB, Winter has arrived (For them at least)and I have been seeing countless instagram posts of them flaunting their oversized faux fur coats, and I am over here like "When is our turn?" I must admit though, Durban has had a couple of cold days in the past week, but not cold enough to pull out those gorgeous fur coats. I am not complaining because I absolutely love sunshine, but lets face it- Winter is one season that the fashion Gods look down on and smile upon. The layering, the over the top coats and jackets, the minimalist colours- So chic! So yes, I am a tad bit bummed that we in Durban hardly experience winter weather.

What are some winter trends that you are loving at the moment? Hit me up.

Until Next Time Loves...


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