Thursday, 19 June 2014

Leather X Faux Sheepskin

I recently got a bigger wardrobe so I have been transferring my clothes from my old wardrobe to my new, bigger one and colour coordinating my clothes. I was flabbergasted at the amount of faux leather items I own. A couple faux leather jackets, faux leather pants, faux leather mini skirts,faux leather pencil skirt, faux leather dress and a pair of faux leather sporty shorts that I just purchased today. *hides*. My obsession with leather is seriously getting out of hand, I don't see it being a bad thing though because leather is timeless and adds such an edge to your overall look.

This faux sheepskin throw is the first faux animal skin item I have purchased and actually fallen in love with. I am not a fan of faux furs because I have a bad case of sinus and I have seen one,two many girls literally fighting off the fur off their lipgloss (disgusting argh). Besides these con's, faux fur can really take your look from plain and simple to Showstopper! This faux sheepskin feels amazing. Its soft and so cosy, perfect for those nippy afternoons. I love how the throw over adds a pop of brightness to the all black look as well.

Do share your thoughts on this post, it would be greatly appreciated :-)


                                                         Faux sheepskin throw over- Cotton On

                                                         Faux leather joggers- Topshop

                                                         Top- Topshop

                                                         Wedges- Cotton On

                                                          Neckpiece- YDE

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