Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Stripes X Polka Dot

I believe that one should always take risks when it comes to fashion and style. I mean, life's way too short to remain in our comfort zone, don't you think?. Lately, I have been feeling that way too many of us are too concerned about what people say and think of us. We shy away from certain fashion trends and styles because the first thing we think about is "What would people think about me wearing this?". Fashion is fun and shouldn't be taken so seriously. It is a tool to express ourselves in unique ways, we should embrace it to the fullest.

With that being said, I absolutely love the concept of mixing different prints together. It is such a bold look and would definitely make you stand out in the crowd. I had a lot of fun mixing different prints together, seeing what worked- what didn't. I must admit, this trend has the ability to go wrong very easily, so you have to make sure that you pair prints that are appealing to the eye and do not look like you just threw those items together without putting much thought into it.

Remember Ladies: Be Bold. You Were Born To Stand Out, Not Fit In.


                                                                Striped Suit- Mr Price

                                                                Polkadot Shirt- Mr Price

                                                               Heels- Prato ( Sold In Edgars)



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