Sunday, 2 November 2014

Tomboy Meets Feminine Chic

Shirt- Markhams/ Skirt- Mr Price/ Bag- Flea Market/ Glasses- Spitfire


I have decided to introduce a new section to my blog where I style different individuals with different styles. My aim is to provide style inspiration to these individuals,as well as my readers,to be courageous with their style, to step out of their comfort zone, without drifting too far from their personal style. I love styling so I figured this would be a perfect project to introduce to my blog. 

Anyway back to the post, Chane describes her style as tomboy, very comfortable and easily put together. I have  decided to create two similar looks that are similar to her personal style but tapping more into her feminine side. For the first look I paired a flirty pleather skirt along with a buttoned up denim shirt and all stars. The black backpack goes perfectly with the tomboy yet flirty style theme. For the second look I decided to bring out more of her feminine side with a printed blazer,heels and a pair of frilly socks. I was able to provide Chane with some inspiration to create more of a feminine and flirty look with a touch of her favourite masculine pieces.
Blazer- Mr Price/Heels- Mr Price

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  1. Hey :) great blog, I look forward to seeing your other styled outfits

  2. This is so ME!!!! Style me nexy pwetti please :)


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