Tuesday, 14 October 2014

You Are The Company You Keep

Jumpsuit- Mr Price/Kimono- Mr Price/Shoes- Mr Price/ Lipstick- RiRi Woo by MAC

 "You are the company you keep" is a saying I have heard way too often and I'm sure you have too. I never really understood the importance of the company you keep. I was never a teenager that really succumbed to peer pressure, I always found myself being the "odd one out" and I actually embraced my individualism. So what was the big whoo haa? I didn't understand how another person's actions could have an effect on me and my actions... Until now. 

 As I am getting older, I am less tolerant to bullshit. I am in a space in my life where if someone does not add value to my life, I do not want them in my life. Full Stop. As young people, we tend to (secretly) want to be accepted and liked, we care waaay too much about what others think of us and put too much value on toxic relationships. Get rid of the leeches in your life, get rid of the people that just take, take and take from you and have nothing to give. Get rid of the emotionally dependent friends that become emotionless to your feelings. You know, that friend that is always bombarding you with her/his problems and can go on and on for decades, but cannot give you the time of day (and ear) when you need them. JUST GET RID OF THEM!

 I know I may seem a bit blunt but I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping positive people around you. People that uplift you when you are down and are there when you need them, people that are able to tell you the truth even when you might not like it,people that you are able to cry with and still be able to laugh until your tummy is in knots. When I started paying more attention to the people I allowed in my space, I realised I was giving a lot of my time and energy to people that simply did not deserve it, so I let that well run dry and went on my way. I keep my circle small, which has resulted in a drama free and peace filled life. As young people, we need to stop being people pleasers and selling ourselves short for other peoples gain. Make the decision on who you are going to allow in your space and who you are going to give the 'DO NOT ENTER' sign to. 

 The Look

Seeing as kimonos are certainly on trend at the moment, its only fitting to do an outfit post with it being the star item. Kimonos are just so easy to wear and elevate a simple look. Even though its easy to wear, it still looks so effortless but also adds a sense of chicness to the overall look. 

 Please do let me know what you guys think of this look and if you have any views on the importance of the company you keep. I love hearing from you. 


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