Monday, 22 September 2014

Shades Of White

Shirt- Urban/ Blazer- Mr Price/ Skort- Cotton On/ Heels- Payless

 It has been so hot these past couple of days, and I am loving it. I have decided to live a more active lifestyle because besides it being good for your overall health,I really want to get my body right for summer. I went for a morning run a few days ago along the promenade and it was so amazing, I took a few minutes just to marvel at our beautiful ocean and realized how lucky we actually are here in Durban. I find it easier working out In the warmer months than the colder months. The sunny weather just motives me to go in harder. Right now, I am sipping on some detox water and have the kettle on for a cup of green tea. I try to have at least one cup a day of green tea, I really dread it because i find it to be so disgusting. I gulp it down while lukewarm then rush it down with juice. ( Dramatic I know). 

 Okay,let's talk about the look. There's something so powerful and sophisticated about an all white look. Besides the caution of trying not to get any stains on it, its an amazing way to stand out without being over the top. Some might feel that rocking an all white look isn't worth risking having to deal with a lipstick stain on your top ( which most likely happens) or a patch of foundation from that girl that decides to give you a tight hug because she was oh so happy to see you. Iv had this happen to me. SO NOT COOL. But one must take the plunge sometime. 

I came to the realisation that you guys may not know much about me, so i have decided to do the #20FactsAboutMe tag exclusively for my blog.

Side Note: I just would like to thank you for all the support. It means more thank you guys know and I hope this blog,along with its content, will keep you coming back for more.


1- I don't drink coffee
2-I have really bad sinusitis. Spring is the absolute worst season for me because of all the pollen
3- I am a TV series addict
4- Had my first kiss at 16 
5- I love dancing. Actually wanted to become a dancer when I was younger but my mom was not hearing any if it. 
 6- I don't smoke nor do I drink alcohol
 7- I am in my 4th year of my studies 
8- I am the eldest of 5 children 
9- my mind is always on overdrive resulting in me suffering from insomnia frequently and feeling exhausted the next day
10- I hate horror movies, don't see the point in them 
11- My boyfriend is Sotho
12- I am an active member of the "Free The Nipple" Campaign ( Bras are overrated) 
13- When I meet someone new, I get so wrapped up in conversing with them that I tend not to ask what their names are, let's just say things get a tad bit awkward when I bump into them and have to introduce them to the people I am with.
14- I hate wearing heels ( Actually can't walk in them)
15- I'm a loner 
16- I talk to myself a lot and find it completely normal. ( I heard through the grapevine that intelligent individuals do so as well)
17- I am extremely ambitious
18- I did storytelling in primary school and won competitions. Oddly enough speaking in public gives me major anxiety 
19- I'm a bookworm 
20. I'll be 22 next month on the 27th. *cues Taylor Swift- 22*



  1. Ah your blog though!!!Love,love,love it...I like how you try to incorporate new aspects into your blog:) This look is gorg!

    1. thank you so much hun. trying to keep it unpredictable :) thank you for your support. much appreciated xx

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  3. Absolutely love this look and your style and you're totally rocking those heels girl. You're my new style icon

    1. Aww thank you hun! So happy to hear that coz I can't walk in heels lol. Wow style icon,this just made my day. Thank you so so much.


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