Monday, 23 March 2015

Gothika Vibes + Chit Chat about Judging

Top- Topshop/ Shorts- Thrift buy/Boots & Socks- Topshop/ Sunglasses- Spitfire

Do me a favour- Take a few minutes to think about the last time you judged someone in some way. Was it yesterday? Last Thursday or just a few minutes ago? After gathering this information, ask yourself what made you come up with that particular judgement? In what way did judging that person impact you?

We judge people on a daily basis, from judging someone’s choice of makeup and clothing, to judging their choices in life. We are constantly judging, without the slightest realisation that we’re doing it. We walk around tossing our opinions and conclusions about other people as if we have halos orbiting above our heads.With social media playing huge roles in our day to day lives, it has become far too easy to judge others behind a keypad. A day does not pass us by without someone being judged, ridiculed and mocked on twitter, facebook (or any social media network for that matter). A girl who may post one, too many thirst traps on Instagram ( for those of you who may not be acquainted with the many ridiculous cool-kid slang words, when I say “Thirst Trap” think of someone who posts semi-nude-ass out- pictures) is generally perceived as a hoe. What if she’s just comfortable in her own skin??? What if she just loves her body and embraces her sexuality? When did we, as a people, become so entitled to throw daggers of judgement towards others? What makes us so righteous?

The world is full of Judge Judys ( and Judge Jacks too) and I can definitely raise my hand up high and say that I am sometimes a Judge Judy. Maybe all the time… We need to stop putting each other down and planting labels on people, thinking its OK to form opinions on others. It’s Just Not Okay!We subconsciously form biased ideas of others from specific actions or situations. Before we have even greeted them, we have already formed a whole thesis on their entire lives and who they are. Ever wondered how people perceive you? How you are being judged? What opinions and conclusions others have come up with concerning you?

This has been a topic that I have been dealing with personally within the realms of my own heart, because I too judge others. I’m learning to become more aware of my judgmental character traits and I am working very hard to rid myself of this negative mannerism because I wouldn’t want to be judged by others and lets face it, it makes for a very ugly and unattractive persona. The kind of human I want to be in this here life is not aligned with my judgemental conducts so I have become a work in progress of ridding myself from this terrible and bigoted trait. I know this might sound like some cliché World Peace crap, but I truly do believe that this world would really be a better place if we just stop being so damn judgemental. I am still a work in progress and I will be a very long time because I’m human and it’s very difficult to unlearn bad habits, especially those habits that we are not even aware of it consuming us.

So people, let’s be more conscious of our thoughts about others and how we treat other individuals… One day at a time.

About The Look

I was feeling abit rebellious with this look. Its not really me, but as of late I have really been trying to branch out and take risks with my style now and then- seeing as I gravitate towards more of a minimalistic approach to style. So, here I am channelling some goth/hippe- festival vibes. Hope you guys like it. I had fun shooting this, even though it doesn’t seem like it haha. Side Note- I have this problem with constant ‘MeanMuggin’ in my blog pictures, guys I try to smile now and then, I really do. But, I guess this is what I feel most comfortable doing. I must say, I have been making leaps and bounds and as you will see- I cracked one huge colgate smile in one of my pics.:)

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