Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Denim Overload

Denim Jacket- Thrift Buy/Denim Shirt- Woolworths (Country Road)/Pencil Skirt- Mr Price/Boots- Topshop/NY Cap- Sportscene

Denim is timeless and a classical fabric that just does not seem to go out of style. I am a huge fan of denim as it oozes power, confidence and a certain edge that I always love to possess. I decided to wear an oversized denim jacket with my denim shirt to demonstrate that layering denim on denim can be trendy and cool, and not look like you trying too hard. I picked up this one of a kind denim jacket at a thift store and it is, still to this day, one of my best and most valued purchases I have made while trifting. Its the kind of item that will last me a lifetime and will never go out of style.I figured a pencil skirt would be the perfect pairing piece and honestly, different from what I would usually choose to pair a denim jacket and shirt with. I had fun styling and putting this look together, you could imagine my excitement when this NY cap actually fitted my head- with a little help from my braids (even though it was somewhat tight- but manageable).Check out another denim on denim look I wore here

I am loving my braids at the moment. I needed a break from my afro(maintaining an afro is hard work guys)and I just wanted a new and fresh look. You can follow me on instagram at @kendrahunsley to get a closer look at my new hairdo.

I hope you enjoyed this look post, I always love hearing from you

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  1. Hey Kendra I absolutely love this look,my fav items were the cap,denim jacket and shoes. Which thrift shops around Durban do you buy from? Ive looked everywhere

    1. Hey Fezeka, thank you so much. I love going to Bonnie&Clyde in Glenwood and the weekend market in Commercial Street in Town xx

    2. Thank you so much for the response Kendra, I absolutely love your blog 😍


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