Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Just Do It

Shirt-Urban/Pants and Hat- Woolworths/Gilet and shoes- Cotton On

You know how it is so easy to come up with an idea, a concept- but somewhat difficult to execute that idea? I am slowly passing through that stage. One needs to close the gap between dreaming about something and making it a reality- and that is my current mission. I have just started a new venture (after just “thinking” about if for months), this is a different space for me to be in as I am walking the walk and not just talking the talk. The biggest obstacle when it comes to following your dreams is fear. Will I even succeed? What will people say? What if I fail? Are questions that not only surround, but occupy the realms of our minds. Fear can kill your dream before you have even begun making it a reality. It makes you doubt your ability to conquer thus creating a negative attitude, and we all know that nothing good comes out of a negative attitude.

Been thinking of a really cool idea but have not gotten around to putting into gear? Just do it! Been wanting to improve your health and wellness? Just do it! You and a friend have been meaning to start a business together? JUST DO IT!!. We put up these building blocks in front of us which creates this big barrier therefore we find it hard to do the things we want to do. Let’s stop making excuses and focusing on all the reasons why we cannot and shouldn’t do certain things, and just go ahead and do them.

About The Look

In preparation for the chilly days ahead (I see that those chilly days have come sooner rather than later for CPT and JHB) I have decided to post a winter inspired look. Gilet’s are so chic and versatile, and are perfect for those not-so-cold-cold days. They are the perfect item for when you are dressed down and just need a ‘pick me up’. I love that you can wear a gilet with a long and short sleeve. I have a cream one as well and will definitely be wearing them more frequently. With having an afro, I felt like I could never wear hats or caps, I mean, how will they fit? I just ruled them out until I envisioned this look and knew it would look even better with a wide brim hat. It was such a mission getting it to fit LOL, I literally had to remove it between shots as it was too tight. I will definitely be wearing more hats and caps as I know now it is actually possible with my afro (it just needs some taming first).

What are some things you have been wanting to do but just have not gotten around to doing them? I’d love to hear

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