Friday, 30 January 2015

Be Unapologetically You

Pants- Stutterfords/Vest- Mr Price/Blazer- Cotton On/ Shoes- Cotton on

I have never been the person that felt like I couldn’t wear a certain item of clothing because of some specific body feature of mine. I get frustrated with friends and people in general when they make the excuse of saying they cannot wear something because they too short, too tall, too wide- I mean, did u even try it on?? Fashion is about risk taking. You try a certain style, you realize it is not for you then you know “okay, that doesn’t work”, that’s how you figure out your true sense of style, by trying new things and certain styles that you wouldn’t usually try. We are far too concerned about “What other people are going to think” and I am guilty of that too. Confidence is KEY. When you confident in yourself, you will no longer be concerned about what other people think of you. Be Unapologetic. Do You.

About This Look

I got these off white pants at a sale at Stutterfords, I love them so much and I am trying to find different ways to style them. I have only worn this gold blazer once and I have no idea why because it is so gorgeous. It is an amazing statement piece for an overall simple look.

What are some items of clothing that you feel do not suit you but you might just take the plunge and try it out?

Images by: Silindile Mhlongo

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