Friday, 6 February 2015

Sexy Much?

Bra Crop- Topshop/Pencil Skirt- Anisa Mpungwe for Mr Price/Heels- YDE

Today’s post is somewhat different for me. I decided to do more of a sexy flirty look. I must admit though, it’s not really my style. I am more of an oversized-comfortable-not too tight kind of girl when it comes to clothing; I hardly gravitate towards body hugging silhouettes. However, for this look post I just wanted to look and feel sexy. I think my decision may have to do with the fact that I have recently started gym because I was not feeling good about myself at all. I was at my biggest I have ever been and just felt uncomfortable in my own skin. Although I am nowhere near my goal, I felt the need to stop beating myself up so much (atleast for now) and just embrace my extra curves.

Okay, I know most of you might think that I am absolutely crazy, because I am fairly slim, right? I constantly get the “are you insane? There is nothing wrong with your body” talks. There might be nothing “wrong” with my body, but I am the one who is unhappy with it. There is this notion that if you are not what society deems as overweight, you have no right to complain/be unhappy about your body, that’s total bull if you ask me. I overheard someone say “ I don’t get why skinny people go to gym”- so is gym only for people who want to lose weight? Fact remains that I am not comfortable in my skin and I want to make a change so I can feel better about myself. (Rant over)

Anyway, I am always so fatigued and have trouble sleeping, I decided gym in the mornings would be good for me and boy was I right. I immediately see a significant improvement in my sleeping patterns and my energy levels throughout the day have increased. I am really proud of myself for finally taking the plunge and joining the gym, I have been like a broken record about this for years and my friends can attest to that LOL. 2015 is all about doing those things I said I was going to do,but never really got around to doing it and I am glad I am off to a tremendous start.

What item of clothing makes you feel absolutely sexy? Id love to hear from you :)


  1. Totally love the title of this blog post lol, It's so nice to see you showing off another side of yourself in your posts. I absolutely adore your bra crop, I plan on getting myself one once the Christmas kilos are off(hides), and as always your outfit is on point:) For me, a great pair of perfectly fitted jeans, is just oh so sexy because they're really versatile. Can't wait for the next post:)

  2. Hey Chanel :) I have been trying to find ways to get out of my comfort zone and pull looks together that I wouldn't usually do, fashion is about risk taking! im so happy u loved this post xx


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